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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Sewing Space - My Haven

You all know I love to sew... lets face it, its a bit sad when I sew as a "job" and then the second I dont have to sew shoes, I take a break by sewing a skirt, or a quilt, or an anything really.

So its no surprise that I like to surround with lovely things in my space. I have various little things all over the place...usually in the way, but thats ok I like it that way... I am not much of a tidy person so there is no way I could keep my space tidy all the time to.

Around my sewing machine I have a array of wonderful things... my oil burner, some crystals, a million pens, pencils...way too may pairs of scissors...

I thought I would share a few things with you.

First of all what would a good creative haven be without its music? Nothing, Right?

My lovely iPod is attached to this little baby... its the tiniest speaker you could think of but it packs a punch and I can drown just about anything that I want with this baby.....

Last year I bought a journal from the lovely Michelle from Little Yon Yon... I had great "uni" plans for this baby, but have come to the realisation that I am just not using it yet... so instead its become my orders book and it sits on a book stand behind my sewing machine so I can see it while I sew...that way hopefully I wont ever forget to put ruffles on again, or make the wrong size... I love the material so that makes it even nicer to look at.

Another HUGE love of mine is Smiggle... now I only discovered the wonderful land of Smiggle last year when I was staying with a wonderful friend near Bunbury... she said "I am taking you to Smiggle... I think you will like it" so I was like "ok why not..."
Little was I to know what I was walking in to... I nearly died... seriously... I was instantly in love... not only was it filled with every wonderful stationary thing you could think of... its set out in colour blocks... this is like my ultimate way to set anything out... so I knew I was hooked... This was one of my first purchases and I keep it near me filled with all the things I need for shoes....

My last special thing to show you is a little tiny KimmiDoll. I discovered these things a while ago online and a lovely lady gave me one for Christmas a couple of years ago.... while I was on holiday I found a stash in a shop and was browsing for quite a while ... I decided to get a little one on a key ring... (but I have pulled the ring out and she sits on my sewing machine) I was drawn to her straight away and when I read her little saying I knew she had to be mine... her motto is my motto.

She is:


My spirit is modest, yet confident. You show my spirit by pursuing your endeavours with quiet confidence, preferring a life of quiet achievement. Not seeking the spotlight of fame or popular acclaim, but showing modest pride in all that you do.

Well there you have it... some of my favourite things that accompany me everyday on the Soleful Steps adventure.