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Monday, June 27, 2011

750 Liker GIVEAWAY

So as we get closer and closer to 750 likers I thought its about time I do a fun giveaway for all my lovely likers new and old to say thanks for your support. I have been so flat out with shoes that I havent even been able to make my kids any proper ones yet, so the thought of trying to get a pair done for a giveaway is very daunting...LOL. So I thought if I shoot it off to when we are at 750 likers it should give me some time to get it planned and in my list of "to do" shoes and then when its time to design them with the winner I will be ready!

So this is how the Giveaway will work:

First I will do up a post on here with a photo.... I am not going to tell you of what yet...You will have to wait.

Then I will have a list of things you need to find in the photo.

Once you have found all the things you will need to email me (so no one else can steal your answers) and then leave a comment on the GIVEAWAY post to say that you have emailed me.

Then all the winning answers will go in a hat and I will draw one out.

What will you win!!!!!

You will win a pair of Soleful Steps valued at $10.95 (this will be a girls size up to 17cm with grip soles, or a boys style up to 17cm without grip soles) If you would prefer to order a larger size all you have to do is pay the difference.

While I am feeling generous..... how about 10% your order for another 3 winners??? Yeah why not.

So if you dont win the major prize you may win 10% off an order anyway....

So spread the word, when Soleful Steps on facebook gets to 750 likers the giveaway will start.... why not help me out, you might win!!!!

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