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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Latest Dress

I bought this gorgeous Amy Butler Fabric the other week and I knew when it came that I wanted it to be a dress. I sat down and cut the pattern last weekend... but I never got around to sewing it up so last night, after I had spent the whole day working on shoes I thought I would treat myself to some me-time sewing.
This is what I came up with. (excuse the awful photos... the mirror and camera didnt want to play ball today LOL)

I didnt add a tie to it, thinking that I wouldnt want one... but once I put it on I realised that it did need something. so either its going to be a belt... or I might make up a sash before I wear it out tonight... depending on how much time I get. :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

When you just cant sleep.

Last night I just couldnt get to sleep..... after tossing and turning for about an hour (and annoying hubby cos it woke it up) I decided to just get up.. normally I wouldnt but I knew I wasnt getting to sleep anytime soon so why not be productive.

So I pulled out the wide leg pant pattern I used the other day. This time I cut the size smaller as the last ones were a tad too baggy... didnt help these were too.. I think its the cut vs my shape so I will just have to live with it. I made these ones a tad shorter than the last pair too.

They arent the best photos and as you can see they sit a big baggy around the front... I added in some pleats to try and make it sit flatter but I dont think I did enough... and I am not unpicking them now. LOL.

All up they took about an hour and a half... that was with a late night OOPS moment that sent me unpicking for about 20 mins..... definitely should have been asleep. :)

Friday, September 30, 2011

My First Dress

During the week I got a few patterns in the mail. I really wanted to make myself a dress.. I also got some gorgeous fabric in the mail so instantly I knew that was the material for my first ever dress. I have never made a dress before so I was really glad when I pulled out the pattern and discovered it was a super easy one... no zips... no fancy cuts... nothing more than basic.

The pattern was the Clair Cami Pattern. It makes from short cami/tunic style top to a full length maxi dress. :)

This was my final creation. (I altered the neck line though)

As you can see I did the old photo in the mirror thing again LOL. When I cut my pattern I decided to do the above knee length... which actually ended up being VERY short... like I cant bend over short... so I added in the layer you can see down the bottom before I put my hem on.

Next time I am going to alter it a little again. Bringing in the sides under the arms a tiny bit, a different neck line again... and maybe adding a sash around the middle instead of the small draw string.

Here are some up close shots.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fabric Heaven

I get lots of comments on the Soleful Steps Facebook page asking where I get my fabric, where I find all that yumminess from...

Everything I buy is online... mainly because I dont live anywhere near shops to be able to hit them fabric shopping. I love a sale too so I keep an eye out online for sales on websites but also on Facebook.. there are a lot of facebook pages that sell off random amounts of fabric at times.

One of my favourite places to shop is Wrapped in Fabric though. I have 3 reasons why I like to shop there.

1. Wrapped In Fabric stock a great range of fabric all the time, with new stock always coming in.
2. The owner, Sandy is lovely to deal with, super helpful and always friendly.
3. I am supporting another Mum out there, working from home to improve her family life, its great!

I thought I would do a quick post about Wrapped in Fabric so that you can pop over and see for yourself...

Here are some things you may not know....

Wrapped in Fabric offers free postage. Postage days are Monday and Thursday, and you can request and pay for Express Postage if you need your fabric quickly.

If you are a big fabric shopper, Sandy does a great wholesale deal. She offers a 35% discount for wholesale customers when they spend more than $100 at one time (postage paid by customer)

Here are some of the latest creations that feature fabric from Wrapped In Fabric:

Saturday, September 24, 2011

When on a Roll Why Stop?

My kids have gotten in the habit of staying up on Saturday nights to watch the movie...(which is fine but I just wish it started at 6:30 instead of 7:30 its such a late night for them) Last night it was Jurassic Park... and with Mr nearly 9 being a bit of a sensitive kid I was really reluctant to let him watch it... but he was so desperate that I gave in and let them... It also gave me some time to sit down and trace out a pattern and cut the pattern pieces for a pair of shorts that I wanted to make. I managed to even get it sewn up so that I could wear them today...

These were so easy its not funny..... You could make them with your eyes closed... though maybe not cut them as you might loose your fingers.

You can find the pattern here!

Anyway I am not much of a elastic waist person so that is my only hang up with them... they tend to poof out a bit and with hips thats not a look you want. Plus I think I needed to make them a bit smaller... I chose a size that I thought would be a bit snug... but actually turned out a bit too big.. but that is ok.

These are about 6 inches shorter than the actual pattern... I just followed the lines and took the extra off the bottom it was pretty easy.

Next time I am going to make them with a thinner cotton material that has a nice hang to it and make them into full length pants... I think they will look pretty funky! I love funky.

So until next time....
Sew Love You!

Friday, September 23, 2011

What To Do When The Power Goes Out?

Today we had no Power from 9am til about 3pm.... I totally forgot that it was happening... actually thats not really true... I knew last week and expected it all day on the Friday but I was a week ahead of myself.... usually I am a week behind so I should be pleased LOL.

Anyway I was not ready at all. I had planned to iron on interfacing on all the material for my wholesale order so that when the power went out I could spend the time cutting... but alas I wasnt that organised...

Miss 3's solution was "Mum we should clean!!!!"  Ahem... I dont know if her Daddy has had a word in her ear... or maybe she thinks that the house is a little unkept at the moment... but anyway thats not really my idea of a way to spend a Friday... no matter how bored I am... (we ended up doing the bathrooms but that was it)

Once they were clean... I thought I would spend some time tracing out some patterns that I have had for ages but never got around to using... and seeing as I made it my mission this summer to make lots of my own clothes and I have about 5 sets of patterns coming from Wrapped In Fabric I thought I better get a start on it.

I traced and cut out this Amy Butler Skirt... its from the Barcelona Pack just incase you are wondering... its actually a layered skirt...but its hard to see in the photo as it hasnt frayed yet.

Once the power came back on a 3pm... I quickly sewed it up and added in the top sash bit (thats not part of the pattern... but I didnt have any zips so instead I used snaps and wanted to cover them up somehow... .plus I love a good bow!)

Hope your Friday was powered and productive.

Sew Love You!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Take a Break

Its been a pretty full on week at Soleful Steps headquarters this week. I have been working extra hard (which I didnt think was possible as I am always working really hard) on Custom orders trying to get them out of the way. I have a huge wholesale order that I am about to get material for and I have just over a month to fill it. Its going to be tough... really tough... but I always do whatever I set my mind to so this is going to be no exception... and even with the pressure its putting on my I AM PUMPED.

Its really exciting... but not only that its a real sign that my Business is working... Its going places I never expected it to... I dreamt ofcourse... we all dream,... but my dreams are sometimes out of reach... but this time I am climbing up to that highest point and am going to make it work.

This was my other new development in the last week:
Care labels! They are super awesome... I was so pumped to put these babies in... and I think they look great. I got these from Bags and Tags, they were a great price and they feel so soft, so they shouldnt annoy little feet inside my shoes....or big feet either. Plus they are easy to cut out if needed. :)

Yesterday our house took the morning off. We wanted to take our Kayak out on the water while the wind was down and the sun was out... It was glorious.

Yes that is me out of the Kayak looking super sexy in Hubby's work hat... NOT! :)

It was great to have a break... at first the boys went fishing so me an the girls stayed on the beach and enjoyed the sun... the girls made castles and balls of sand, and I laid back and enjoyed not doing anything.... nothing.... ahhh the bliss.

I have been really mindful lately of taking time out to do nothing with Hubby and the kids... I have banned myself from sewing or study on Friday and Saturday nights... (ok sometimes I pull some shoes in the lounge and sew buttons on but I am still in the lounge atleast and not really working) ...even though I am doing "nothing" its still so hard to relax... there is always something to do.. or something that needs to be done. Its not always work stuff... sometimes its just washing or sweeping or the dishwasher.. but there is always something.
So yesterday laying back at the beach was bliss... there was no guilt of I should get up and change the washing over... or sweep something... it was just relaxing.

So I hope today that you have had a lovely week to reflect on.... whether it was busy or relaxing or both. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Some Eye Candy

I thought I would share some more photos of recent shoes created.

I hope you like.... dont forget to stop by the facebook page and say hi. You can get there by clicking on my logo at the top of the blog. :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011


I have been thinking about this all afternoon... maybe its because I was baking bikkies and maybe it was just because I was thinking wouldnt it be nice if someone else baked for me today? LOL

So the idea behind a normal Recipe Swap Morning Tea would be that you invite all your friends over, or all the ladies from your baby group or childrens class etc. You all bake your favourite sweet dish, though it could be savoury. Like a batch of cookies, or a cake or slice. Everyone rolls up with their baked goodies and a pile of printed out recipes for everyone. You then all over indulge in Yumminess of all kind, take a copy of each recipe...pat each other on the back for being such wonderful cooks and then part ways after way too much sugar and too many cups of tea or coffee.

However to do this on Facebook would mean a mass exodus to someones house, hours of travelling and too much money.... so I thought rather than do in person we could all post a picture of our delish item and then post the recipe as a comment below... that way we could all cruise facebook for all sorts of mouth watering treats and then copy them down to try them later.

The best thing about it just being a picture is that you could do your baking the day before, or the week before and just make sure you snap a picture for on the day. :)

So I purpose to anyone and everyone that wants to take part that on

Monday the 29th of August 2011

We all share our favourite dishes... it doesnt have to be at a particular time as we all have other lives away from Facebook....well thats what I have been told anyway. LOL


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The 750 Liker WINNER

Ok so last night it got away from me and I didnt get to do the giveaway announcement so here I am now.

So all up there were a few entries and also some bonus entries from the shoutout thing last week (where anyone that gave Soleful Steps a shoutout to help us get to 750 so we could start the giveaway got an entry too)

So I went and used Random org and pumped in between 1 and 26 and it came out with number 20.... I checked my list and number 20 was...................

Virginia Mason
So Virginia can you shoot me an email at you have a $15 voucher to spend with Soleful Steps...... if your order works out to less than $15 we can use the rest of the voucher to help cover postage, if its more I can work out the difference for you.
Hope everyone enjoyed the giveaway...and for those of you that want to know here are the answers to my questions:
My machine is a Janome
My scissors are a Red colour
My Cutting Mat is in inches but has cm marked down two sides
I look at the kitchen... and for those that mentioned it Yes Hubby is quite often in there cooking for me.
I definitely DO need a swivel chair... it drives me nuts dragging that thing around. :)
Bonus questions were:
I drink Nespresson Coffee (on the microwave you can see the pods in my holder)
My iPod is in the dotty little pouch near the sewing machine... :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Yay its the 750 liker giveaway time.

Ok so its giveaway time.... I wanted to do something a little different so this is what I have come up with.

I am showing you a photo of my creative space...Its going to be like a find the item puzzle. I will post the photo in this post... and then list a few things that you need to find. Once you find them you will need to EMAIL ME THE ANSWERS. DONT put them in your comment otherwise everyone will know what they are. then leave a comment under this post to tell me you have emailed...just so I can be sure that I get all the entries.

So ok Step ONE: Look at this photo:

Ok now you need to tell me these things: (email the answers to dont post the answers here)
You dont have to get all the aswers right...just playing is worth an entry in my book!

1. what brand sewing machine do I use?
2. What colour are my scissors?
3. Is my cutting mat in inches or cm?
4. What room do I look at when I sew?
5. Do I need a swivel chair?

and two bonus questions ... if you get these you get an extra entry into the giveaway:

6. What kind of coffee do I drink?
7. Where is my iPod?

Ok now you need to email the answers to the address above and then comment under this post saying.... Email sent and entry in. That way if I dont get your email I know to check my spam folders etc.

Have fun...its all intended as a fun thing so enjoy it!

EDIT Your prize... You are in the draw for a $15 voucher to Soleful Steps. You can order more than $15 worth and pay  the difference or order less and I can cover postage with the voucher too

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Australia Post ~ My love hate relationship

Oh Australia I love and loathe you.

Yesterday was mail day...Yes we dont get mail everyday out here in the sticks. It comes in three times a week and one of those days is Sunday so its very rare to get anything.....

Yesterday I had a mail slip....oooh what could it be? Material? Grips for my shoes? New buttons? Maybe something I have forgotten that I ordered for myself....the list of "wants" was very long. On top my list though was my grip sole materail I spent the morning cutting and sewing and was down to the last piece of grip...enough to make a birthday pair of shoes for a fellow WAHM..but that was was mail day...I would have grip material as I expected it to be here last Friday....

Mail time comes, off to the shop I go to pick up my parcel....I stare over the counter...into the mail room....look at all the parcels...what are the chances there is a whole pile for me and they gave me one slip to save time? PLEASE? Alas no....on the table I can clearly see a box....I could tell it was for me.... its not grip material....its not even material, or a random purchase, its not even something for hubby.....its books. Argh. Dont get me wrong I love books, but these were on special dirt cheap, put aside for birthday presents books.....argh Nothing exciting....


So for as much as I love you Australia Post for bringing me my goodies.... the list of things that annoy me about you is your upped postage costs that I have to pass onto my customers so I dont bankrupt myself, the fact that Expressing something to me out in the sticks means its more likely to take 10 days rather than 14, the fact that if someone doesnt sign a little declaration on my parcels they get held up at the closest post office....which is over 2 1/2 hrs away along a horrible dirt rough as guts road....(excuse me Mr Aust Post...if someone was going to blow up the tiny little plane that brings us our mail they would sign the declaration...they wouldnt think to themselves I am packing a bomb so I cant sign the dangerous goods declaration ...would they?)

I am asking PLEADING ...PLEASE on Friday bring me my Grip soles material that I new clothes...whatever that random thing that hubby is waiting tax documents from our rental new buttons.....BRING ME EVERYTHING.....please!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Wow It's Grwing So Fast.

Today saw the Soleful Steps Facebook page hit 650 likers. It's an amazing achievment and I think I am still pinching myself. I opened my page on the 2nd of June, that's just over a month.... and in that time I have met so many wonderful people in the handmade community. Some of those people I already knew and some that I didn't.

I donated two custom spots to the Raising Hope Auction at Destiny of my favorite pages. They raised nearly $50 for the cause, I was so surprised by their popularity and very proud too.

I have teamed up TWICE for the Collaborate For a Cause. For one project with Destiny Wear, MADD Lola, Summerskye and Just Like Katie. the other project is underway with Sugar Plum Tree, Creative Butterfly Designs and Lace and Ryde. All these pages are so huge and I feel so privileged to be working with them all, and for being able to help out with this project.

I have found so many more wonderful pages and creators as well........this may not be such a good thing for the credit

It's been flat out here, cutting and sewing and doing it over and over. I am having a blast though, it's been a lot of fun and I would just like to say a huge thank you to all the wonderful people that are supporting me. From the likers on my page, other fb businesses, the lovely ladies that have bought my shoes, friends and family to my supportive hubby that has been patiently listening to the sewing machine hum day and night....a huge thank you to each and everyone of you.

If you haven't found my facebook page yet you can see it here.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Some eye candy

I thought I would share some photos of recent shoes with you all. These are all sold shoes.

Monday, June 27, 2011

750 Liker GIVEAWAY

So as we get closer and closer to 750 likers I thought its about time I do a fun giveaway for all my lovely likers new and old to say thanks for your support. I have been so flat out with shoes that I havent even been able to make my kids any proper ones yet, so the thought of trying to get a pair done for a giveaway is very daunting...LOL. So I thought if I shoot it off to when we are at 750 likers it should give me some time to get it planned and in my list of "to do" shoes and then when its time to design them with the winner I will be ready!

So this is how the Giveaway will work:

First I will do up a post on here with a photo.... I am not going to tell you of what yet...You will have to wait.

Then I will have a list of things you need to find in the photo.

Once you have found all the things you will need to email me (so no one else can steal your answers) and then leave a comment on the GIVEAWAY post to say that you have emailed me.

Then all the winning answers will go in a hat and I will draw one out.

What will you win!!!!!

You will win a pair of Soleful Steps valued at $10.95 (this will be a girls size up to 17cm with grip soles, or a boys style up to 17cm without grip soles) If you would prefer to order a larger size all you have to do is pay the difference.

While I am feeling generous..... how about 10% your order for another 3 winners??? Yeah why not.

So if you dont win the major prize you may win 10% off an order anyway....

So spread the word, when Soleful Steps on facebook gets to 750 likers the giveaway will start.... why not help me out, you might win!!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Welcome to the Soleful Steps Blog! Thought its about time I get one going, not only to post pictures of the shoes I have been creating but also to use as a marketing tool and somewhere to run competitions thats not on Facebook.

Ok About Soleful Steps: Soleful Steps is only a new venture, but its off and flying and keeping me really busy which is great. I love to be busy, I am not a sit around kind of person, so if I have nothing to do it really drives me nuts. Plus I LOVE making shoes, seriously who wouldnt! I love to create and play with different styles and techniques in the crafty world, sewing is so much fun so to combine that with something that other people enjoy is a great pleasure. I am based in a remote part of Western Australia, and while I love living in the middle of nowhere you have be busy, so this is me being busy! Soleful Steps may only be new but already we are cladding feet all over Australia with our shoes... they are going as far away as Tasmania and as close as Perth! Its exciting to custom create these wonderful shoes for people and great to hear about them arriving at their destination and keeping someones feet warm.

I hope you can join me on my journey and watch as Soleful Steps grows from a little idea into a big passion! Dont forget to keep coming back to see what I have been up to, what I have been making and to check out any competitions that I may be running. :)