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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Take a Break

Its been a pretty full on week at Soleful Steps headquarters this week. I have been working extra hard (which I didnt think was possible as I am always working really hard) on Custom orders trying to get them out of the way. I have a huge wholesale order that I am about to get material for and I have just over a month to fill it. Its going to be tough... really tough... but I always do whatever I set my mind to so this is going to be no exception... and even with the pressure its putting on my I AM PUMPED.

Its really exciting... but not only that its a real sign that my Business is working... Its going places I never expected it to... I dreamt ofcourse... we all dream,... but my dreams are sometimes out of reach... but this time I am climbing up to that highest point and am going to make it work.

This was my other new development in the last week:
Care labels! They are super awesome... I was so pumped to put these babies in... and I think they look great. I got these from Bags and Tags, they were a great price and they feel so soft, so they shouldnt annoy little feet inside my shoes....or big feet either. Plus they are easy to cut out if needed. :)

Yesterday our house took the morning off. We wanted to take our Kayak out on the water while the wind was down and the sun was out... It was glorious.

Yes that is me out of the Kayak looking super sexy in Hubby's work hat... NOT! :)

It was great to have a break... at first the boys went fishing so me an the girls stayed on the beach and enjoyed the sun... the girls made castles and balls of sand, and I laid back and enjoyed not doing anything.... nothing.... ahhh the bliss.

I have been really mindful lately of taking time out to do nothing with Hubby and the kids... I have banned myself from sewing or study on Friday and Saturday nights... (ok sometimes I pull some shoes in the lounge and sew buttons on but I am still in the lounge atleast and not really working) ...even though I am doing "nothing" its still so hard to relax... there is always something to do.. or something that needs to be done. Its not always work stuff... sometimes its just washing or sweeping or the dishwasher.. but there is always something.
So yesterday laying back at the beach was bliss... there was no guilt of I should get up and change the washing over... or sweep something... it was just relaxing.

So I hope today that you have had a lovely week to reflect on.... whether it was busy or relaxing or both. 

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