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Friday, September 23, 2011

What To Do When The Power Goes Out?

Today we had no Power from 9am til about 3pm.... I totally forgot that it was happening... actually thats not really true... I knew last week and expected it all day on the Friday but I was a week ahead of myself.... usually I am a week behind so I should be pleased LOL.

Anyway I was not ready at all. I had planned to iron on interfacing on all the material for my wholesale order so that when the power went out I could spend the time cutting... but alas I wasnt that organised...

Miss 3's solution was "Mum we should clean!!!!"  Ahem... I dont know if her Daddy has had a word in her ear... or maybe she thinks that the house is a little unkept at the moment... but anyway thats not really my idea of a way to spend a Friday... no matter how bored I am... (we ended up doing the bathrooms but that was it)

Once they were clean... I thought I would spend some time tracing out some patterns that I have had for ages but never got around to using... and seeing as I made it my mission this summer to make lots of my own clothes and I have about 5 sets of patterns coming from Wrapped In Fabric I thought I better get a start on it.

I traced and cut out this Amy Butler Skirt... its from the Barcelona Pack just incase you are wondering... its actually a layered skirt...but its hard to see in the photo as it hasnt frayed yet.

Once the power came back on a 3pm... I quickly sewed it up and added in the top sash bit (thats not part of the pattern... but I didnt have any zips so instead I used snaps and wanted to cover them up somehow... .plus I love a good bow!)

Hope your Friday was powered and productive.

Sew Love You!

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  1. Hi, well it sounds like you had a very productive Saturday. Your skirt looks lovely & the bow was quite an inventive way to alleviate a problem. Always follow you, your friend, Sharyn Ashby