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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The 750 Liker WINNER

Ok so last night it got away from me and I didnt get to do the giveaway announcement so here I am now.

So all up there were a few entries and also some bonus entries from the shoutout thing last week (where anyone that gave Soleful Steps a shoutout to help us get to 750 so we could start the giveaway got an entry too)

So I went and used Random org and pumped in between 1 and 26 and it came out with number 20.... I checked my list and number 20 was...................

Virginia Mason
So Virginia can you shoot me an email at you have a $15 voucher to spend with Soleful Steps...... if your order works out to less than $15 we can use the rest of the voucher to help cover postage, if its more I can work out the difference for you.
Hope everyone enjoyed the giveaway...and for those of you that want to know here are the answers to my questions:
My machine is a Janome
My scissors are a Red colour
My Cutting Mat is in inches but has cm marked down two sides
I look at the kitchen... and for those that mentioned it Yes Hubby is quite often in there cooking for me.
I definitely DO need a swivel chair... it drives me nuts dragging that thing around. :)
Bonus questions were:
I drink Nespresson Coffee (on the microwave you can see the pods in my holder)
My iPod is in the dotty little pouch near the sewing machine... :)

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