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Friday, July 15, 2011

Yay its the 750 liker giveaway time.

Ok so its giveaway time.... I wanted to do something a little different so this is what I have come up with.

I am showing you a photo of my creative space...Its going to be like a find the item puzzle. I will post the photo in this post... and then list a few things that you need to find. Once you find them you will need to EMAIL ME THE ANSWERS. DONT put them in your comment otherwise everyone will know what they are. then leave a comment under this post to tell me you have emailed...just so I can be sure that I get all the entries.

So ok Step ONE: Look at this photo:

Ok now you need to tell me these things: (email the answers to dont post the answers here)
You dont have to get all the aswers right...just playing is worth an entry in my book!

1. what brand sewing machine do I use?
2. What colour are my scissors?
3. Is my cutting mat in inches or cm?
4. What room do I look at when I sew?
5. Do I need a swivel chair?

and two bonus questions ... if you get these you get an extra entry into the giveaway:

6. What kind of coffee do I drink?
7. Where is my iPod?

Ok now you need to email the answers to the address above and then comment under this post saying.... Email sent and entry in. That way if I dont get your email I know to check my spam folders etc.

Have fun...its all intended as a fun thing so enjoy it!

EDIT Your prize... You are in the draw for a $15 voucher to Soleful Steps. You can order more than $15 worth and pay  the difference or order less and I can cover postage with the voucher too


  1. Email sent. What a great giveaway idea! Love it.

  2. email sent and entry in!!
    Keegan Rigby

  3. Email sent, entry in! What fun :-) Congratulations on reaching 750+ fans!

  4. Ash Mack here from your facebook fan page. I sent you an email but I forgot question 6 and 7 so I'm off now to send you another email LOL. Congrats on 750 likers and thanks for a lovely giveaway.

  5. Entry sent!
    Thankyou for the chance to enter your comp!
    Angela Schofield

  6. email sent, well two emails didnt see the 6 & 7 :P x rachie