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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Australia Post ~ My love hate relationship

Oh Australia I love and loathe you.

Yesterday was mail day...Yes we dont get mail everyday out here in the sticks. It comes in three times a week and one of those days is Sunday so its very rare to get anything.....

Yesterday I had a mail slip....oooh what could it be? Material? Grips for my shoes? New buttons? Maybe something I have forgotten that I ordered for myself....the list of "wants" was very long. On top my list though was my grip sole materail I spent the morning cutting and sewing and was down to the last piece of grip...enough to make a birthday pair of shoes for a fellow WAHM..but that was was mail day...I would have grip material as I expected it to be here last Friday....

Mail time comes, off to the shop I go to pick up my parcel....I stare over the counter...into the mail room....look at all the parcels...what are the chances there is a whole pile for me and they gave me one slip to save time? PLEASE? Alas no....on the table I can clearly see a box....I could tell it was for me.... its not grip material....its not even material, or a random purchase, its not even something for hubby.....its books. Argh. Dont get me wrong I love books, but these were on special dirt cheap, put aside for birthday presents books.....argh Nothing exciting....


So for as much as I love you Australia Post for bringing me my goodies.... the list of things that annoy me about you is your upped postage costs that I have to pass onto my customers so I dont bankrupt myself, the fact that Expressing something to me out in the sticks means its more likely to take 10 days rather than 14, the fact that if someone doesnt sign a little declaration on my parcels they get held up at the closest post office....which is over 2 1/2 hrs away along a horrible dirt rough as guts road....(excuse me Mr Aust Post...if someone was going to blow up the tiny little plane that brings us our mail they would sign the declaration...they wouldnt think to themselves I am packing a bomb so I cant sign the dangerous goods declaration ...would they?)

I am asking PLEADING ...PLEASE on Friday bring me my Grip soles material that I new clothes...whatever that random thing that hubby is waiting tax documents from our rental new buttons.....BRING ME EVERYTHING.....please!

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